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What is “SACAN”, plasterer?

A plasterer is a craftsman whose job is to put mud or cement mortar on walls and apply a final surface finish to mud or sand walls, or plasterwork. Some of the typical examples of plastering work in Japan are the white plaster walls of Japanese-style castellation, and the walls of rooms used for the tea ceremony, which show the essence of wabi-sabi, the Japanese view of life which embraces the simple aesthetic that grows stronger as inessentials are eliminated or trimmed away.

The beauty of walls

In the white plaster walls of castles, Japanese people seek the beauty in flat walls that have been polished to an extreme mirror-like finish with a trowel. In the tea-ceremony room they seek the tranquil beauty of natural-toned walls, representing wabi-sabi. The walls of the tea-ceremony room should not be too obtrusive for the flower arrangement, the hanging scroll, or the various tea utensils used in the tea ceremony.

Our company used the plastering technique, and has succeeded in representing the beauty of Japanese walls in frames.


  Sazo Shichiso “Sakyu”


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