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You can look forward to ISURUGI growing by leaps and bounds.

Since our foundation in 1931, we, at ISURUGI Co., Ltd., have
expanded our business with the corporate policy:”Put confidence from customers first and foremost”. To meet the needs of today’s diversifying society, we have made a new start as a general contractor.


Name ISURUGI Co., Ltd.
Head Office 1-31-1 Kanda, Kanazawa, Ishikawa, Japan
Tel: +81-76-247-4646
Fax: +81-76-241-9907
Licensed Business Plastering
Main Business Plastering work
(Both Japanese and Western styles) /Paint spraying
Laminated floor boarding
Date Established June, 1954
Capital 50 million yen (Transferred capital 150 million yen)
Directors President : Nobuaki Isurugi
Senior Executive Director : Hiroichi Isurugi
Managing Director
(Operating Department Manager) : Kenji Motojima
Managing Director
(Osaka Branch Manger) : Yoshio Yasunaga
Managing Director
(Hokuriku District General Manager) : Koichi Hirata
(Business Administration Department Manager) : Kennichi Matsumura
(Fukui Branch Manager) : Hiroshi Yamatani
(Plastering Department Manager) : Keiji Isobe
(General Affairs Manager) : Nobuyuki Kenjo
Auditor : Masato Nakayama
Operating Officer
(Head of Plastering Department) : Tetsuo Sanada
Operating Officer
(Toyama Branch Manager) : Shinnichi Nomura
Part-time Advisor : Takanobu Isurugi
Art Work Department Manager : Ko Nakamura
Remodeling Department
Employees 230 employees
300-400 collaborative workers
Affiliated Company ITIX Co., Ltd.
1-3-40 Naga-machi, Kanazzawa, Ishikawa, 920-0865, Japan
Tel: +81-76-231-0232

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Hanhichi Isurugi

The late Hanhichi Isurugi was born in 1892 in Yanagi-machi, in Toyama, the second son in an”Isurugi-ya” family, who had been practicing plasterers patronized by the lords of Toyama Castle for generations. In 1917, he started an independent business in Kanazawa. As a master, Isurugi was reputed to be a genius for his use of a trowel, and many plasterers were apprenticed to him. In later years, he established an in-house vocational training school, and trained hundreds of plasterers.

Haruo Isurugi

The late Haruo Isurugi was born in 1937, in Yanagi-machi in Toyama, where Hanhichi was born. He was a nephew of Hanhichi. In 1952 he entered Isurugi Plastering Inc., and became a member of the inaugural class of the training school, which at that time was called the vestibule school. He regarded Hanhichi as his mentor and devoted himself to honing his plastering skills. He was dedicated to educating many plasterers who are currently playing an important role in our company. One of them is Keiji Fukumura, who won the gold medal in the World Skills Competition held in November 1999, in Montreal, Canada. Unfortunately Haruo Isurugi died in September of the same year before he saw his apprentice win the championship. In 1996, he was awarded a “Craftsperson of Superior Skill,” the title commonly known as a “Contemporary Master Craftsman.”

Keiji Fukumura

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