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Vocational Training School

Isurugi Co., Ltd. owns an in-service vocational training school authorized by the governor of Ishikawa Prefecture, with a view to training plasterers. The school has produced a number of Japan’s leading technicians.

All new recruits take a one-year course of education at the training school. Since it is an in-service training school and trainees get paid during the training period, they can devote themselves to acquiring professional skills.

Trainees learn basic skills, specialized subjects as well as courses in general academic subjects. At the completion of the course they are qualified as an assistant plasterer and get qualifications of candidacy for the 2nd grade of the Plasterer Examination with exemption of a written examination. Practical experience they acquire in the school gives them a clear advantage in passing the qualifying examination.

The training school was established in 1952, seven years before the Vocational Training Law was enforced. Isurugi achieved the establishment of the training school on their own, which even Japan Plasterers’ Association, facilitator in the industry, couldn’t manage to do. Since then, the school has represented a proud history and tradition.

Isurugi, as a leading company in the industry, has been making active efforts to break the shackles of conventional artisan attitude. The company treats plasterers as technical specialists, giving them the same treatment as other employees. Taking account of their aptitude and experience, technical personnel can be promoted to general employees or to executives, so that they can perform the best of their potentials as a member of Isurugi.

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